Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seville 11\06\08 Andalucian Graffiti Part 3

I think this last one looks a little bit like me, don't you think!?

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Bernard G said...

Hi Terry, hope your well, pretty impressive alright. Am curious as to whether this actually constitutes art, to me art should have a deeper, fundamental origin coupled with a more defined statement/message. A reproduction of an iconic image (the godfather graphic)is still a reproduction, regardless of the technical application and delivery. There are certainly elements of this evident(Tinpot man possibly suggests a green agenda) but I wonder does it tick the boxes on all counts? (then again what would I know, best/only graffiti I've ever done is writing my name in me own wee down the back of the bottle bank of a fri avo(that dutch gold would go straight thru ya!). Incidentally that last one is similiar but not particularly like you (you've more of a sloping forehead, your eyes are further apart, crowned by the single eyebrow and the figure isn't incessantly dribbling)