Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seville 11\06\08 Andalucian Graffiti Part 1

Took a stroll around the Plaza de Armas Bus Station in Seville today, I've been amazed by how much graffiti there is around there. To many people Graffiti is synonymous with hoodies, knifes, drugs, that kind of thing but I think its misunderstood as it actually takes the individual away from those negative things. Its a art form like any other requiring a lot of skill and patience, some of the images I saw today were astonishing in terms of style and detail. Well anyway, hope you like the photos.

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scalder said...

Some really great stuff here! I think a lot of the antipathy to grafitti just boils down to the fact that so much of it is real crap! Just like all artforms, I guess - but no other forces itself on an audience in such a wholesale manner? Writing like this is obviously a creative addition to the urban environment.